Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter Time HVAC Repair In Dallas TX

The winter is finally here in the North Dallas area. With huge temperature swings we may go from needing your home heater to be repaired, all the way to needing your air conditioning system repaired because of the 80 degree weather.  Everything in your home should be the temp. you like, if not then just call anytime day or night and get on our schedule to get your system looked at.

With all the advanced technology today you should also be as comfortable with your thermostat as you would like to be. We now offer WiFi access and room sensors that turn your single thermostat into three different temperature sensing locations. When you log on to look at your schedule with the app for your WiFi access thermostat you can see and adjust your programming schedule very easly. With these features on this thermostat you can turn off and on the thermostat when your schedule dictates your need for it.

Call SHR A/C & Heating for a new air conditioning and heating thermostat that you can access from WiFi today.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Air Conditioning Repair Dallas, TX

When your air conditioning system is needed, your typically want it to work. When we think of taking care of our air conditioning system you think of paying the electric bill for it and that is that. Well taking care of an air conditioning system in your home is much more difficult than that. We have to look at it like this, if your air conditioning system was your car and you owned it for ten years with out changing the tires or oil or washing it. That would be horrible and not only would you not want to drive it on the road and be seen in it. You would probably not have a car that worked for ten years or so.

So with that is mind lets talk about how we can take car of our unit before it breaks then we will get into how to deal with it when it breaks. So first lets talk about your indoor air filter. If it is one inch thick it should be changed every month in the summer in Dallas, TX. I know what your thinking we bought the 90 day filter, well i'm telling you now to read the side of that particular filter and it will tell you in fancy words that if you use this filter more it will last less time. So with that in mind think of this, the thirty dollar allergen filter you just bought is going to catch all of those allergens that pass through it but it will also clog up faster than a regular filter. So with that said your thirty dollar filter should defiantly be changed every thirty days in the summer time in Dallas.

If you don't like to see water inside your home where it does not belong then you should consider putting a cup of bleach in your drain like once a year to keep the algae and dirt from building up in their and clogging your system. at the indoor equipment you should see a white 3/4 inch PVC pipe with a T in it sticking up in the air. That is where you put your bleach if you have a cap on it or even a piece of tape then you must replace that when you are done or your system will not drain water properly. Most of the systems that need a cap on the drain T are electric heaters.

When your outside make sure their is not a big debris build up around your outside unit. This will get your unit dirty inside and out, the easiest way to have a clean outside unit is to never expose it to dirt. This is why the rooftop units dont need to be cleaned as often, they just don't have as much dirt that high off of the ground. So with that said people with dirt around their outside units will have to clean their units more often. People with nothing but concrete that is clean 365 days out of the year around their unit in all directions will have to clean their units less.

Thanks for reading with us here and remeber when your unit breaks or if you need any maintenance advise call or go online and make us call you

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Air Conditioning Repair Dallas TX

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With the rush of summer here we still have time to take care of all of those customers that need service for one reason or another. Call today to schedule your ac repair in Dallas with a free service call with repair.

Best Ac Repair in Dallas TX

SHR always has free estimates on new air conditioning equipment, please call now to schedule your same day estimate. With the lowest failure rate on new equipment installations than any other air conditioning company in the Dallas area, give us a try and see why we are rated five stars.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Specials For AC Repair in Dallas TX

AC Repair in Dallas TX with Summer Specials Does Not Have To Hurt Your Pocket Book

  • With over twelve years experience serving the Dallas TX area for ac repair, SHR AC & Heating is your premier air conditioning company in Dallas TX

  • We care about you and your home, we have courteous technicians that are not only trained in air conditioning repair and ac replacement, but are also trained in customer service. With all of the goings on inside your home and all of the people working on and in it, you can trust SHR is on your side.

ac repair in dallas

With 24/hr service you can expect us to answer the phone and help you out no matter what time it is.  With less failure rate on our equipment install's you can expect a ten year parts warranty to mean something.  We trust our install's and our equipment we offer twice the average labor warranty on new equipment installations.  With a two year warranty on all equipment installed by SHR you can trust we know what we are doing and it wont fail soon, but if it does we will come back no charge.

Call today to reserve your free estimate or service call with repair today

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SHR AC & Heating is Offering AC Repair in Dallas

Did Your AC Repair In Dallas Tx Do This?

Hey this is Steven from SHR AC & Heating, we are going to be talking to you today about proper installation techniques for installing new air conditioning equipment.

The picture above is a prime example of a lazy technician. Apparently he did not have any PVC glue so instead he decided to use a great amount of silicone and foil tape. This is a bad idea, he was going in the right direction when he had the drain protection device, but when he didn't install it properly he put the customers house and property in danger.

  1. Always use the correct tool, or supply for the job
  2. Make sure your new part or equipment is the right size or model before you install it all the way, check it when it arrives on the job.
  3. Check all of your duct work for air leaks, a small amount of air leaking out is ok but too much will effect your electric bill, and efficiency of the unit.
  4. Before you leave the job check to make sure the important things are done for a second time, ie Drain lines, Electric connections, and such things.

Dallas AC Company

For the best ac company in Dallas call or go online today to schedule your free service call with purchase of repair services.

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Hopefully when you let someone into your attic to work on your ac system in Dallas TX, you will check on their work from time to time. May not be while they are working, but you can have him walk you through the job when he is done before you pay him. for a more through list of do's and don'ts in the ac repair in Dallas industry go online today and check out our ac company website for Dallas TX, http://airandheatindallas.com

SHR is your home ac repair in Dallas specialist, for all of your ac repair needs call or go online today to schedule your appointment now.